‘Street Fighter 5’ Latest News & Update: New Content Obtainable In New Monster Hunter Game? More DLCs, Characters, Weapons, Settings, Modes Coming?

By Brynn B. , Updated Nov 18, 2016 09:53 AM EST

Capcom Producer Tomoaki Ayano recently announced that two beloved games will cross over, "Street Fighter 5" and "Monster Hunter". The team-up between the two immensely popular games caused quite a stir, with fans anticipating what kind of "Street Fighter 5" content is obtainable for the new "Monster Hunter" game.

But fans of "Street Fighter 5" and "Monster Hunter" were somewhat disappointed to find out that it is not the kind of game they were expecting after the announcement from Capcom. The announced crossover is not a game, but instead it's an app that has the feel of playing "Monster Hunter" but mixed with "Street Fighter".

Many fans were hoping for more DLC in the "Street Fighter 5" game other than Akuma. Many are still hoping though that in the future, a new game featuring content from "Monster Hunter" and "Street Fighter 5" will be released.

The crossover between the two can be found in "Monster Hunter Explorer". It is a mobile app where players will be allowed to use accessories based on "Street Fighter 5" characters to equip their players. The characters used were Chun-Li, Rashid, Karin, and Ryu.

Event Hubs also said that the monsters in the "Monster hunter" mobile app will take the likeness of Dhalsim from "Street Fighter 5". The Bitbag reports that the game was supposed to be called "Monster Hunter Smart" but was changed to "Monster Hunter Explorer". The gameplay is much like its predecessor, where the goal is to hunt monsters and become the best hunter there is.

It might not have been the "Street Fighter 5" and "Monster Hunter" crossover that fans have been waiting for. However, it would still be cool to witness just how the mentioned crossover will take place in the mobile game.

Are you excited or disappointed with the "Street Fighter" and "Monster Hunter" crossover mobile game? What other video games would you like to see teaming up? Share your thoughts and comments below.

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