Xbox One Price Revealed On Amazon Germany? [LEAK]

By Binu Paul , Updated May 29, 2013 09:30 AM EDT

Xbox One is making headlines for various reasons ranging from its features to customer concerns over its used games strategy to its always-online requirements. However, we have yet to hear a solid news on its pricing and Microsoft is definitely a couple of months away from announcing it. Amazon Germany may have accidently leaked the price of the next-gen console when it listed Xbox One at $770 for pre-orders, Geek reports.

The German arm of the world's largest online retailer listed Xbox One, quite speculatively, on its website with a price point of 599 euros ($770). While this is definitely way too expensive for the gaming masses, the fact that this is a speculative number provides a sort of relief to gamers. It's believed that Amazon does not want to quote a lower price and invite unnecessary complaints and controversies if Microsoft launches the device with a higher price. Rather, the retailer opts to tag a higher price for the device so that it can bring it down if Microsoft's price is lower.

The listed price is more expensive than Nintendo's Wii U and Sony's PS4, and according to a recent listing on Sony India website, the 250GB model of the next-gen console would sell at 399 euros or roughly $514. If all these price speculations turn out to be true, the Xbox One will cost $100 more than its rival PS4, will be just over double the Xbox 360 and $150 more than the current PS3 price.

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