‘Civilization 6’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Master These Five Gameplay Elements to Easily Dominate the Game! More Gameplay Details, Amazing Hacks Revealed

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Nov 18, 2016 09:23 AM EST

While playing "Civilization 6" can really be a pretty daunting task, we have compiled a guide on how to make the most out of your civ to easily dominate the game. Read on the first part of the "Civilization 6" guide here.

Limited Unit Stacking

In "Civilization 6," combat units could defend, link, and stack non-combat units like Settlers and Traders. The support units like Field Medics and Siege Engines also have this feature. Upon being attacked by Barbarians, a Warrior could help a Settler or Trader by linking them. Unit combinations are also allowed for units in the Renaissance era. They then form the Armadas, Armies, Corps, or Fleets.

Districts and Currencies

Every victor is provided a different currency in "Civilization 6." The Campus District produces Science currencies, while the Theater Square District provides for Culture. Buildings could then be used to produce specific types of currencies, but they should be built on related districts. Campus District has the universities and libraries, while certain Districts get additional currencies from Great Person.

Maximizing Research

The Research Trees in "Civilization 6" now makes the chosen game style even easier and faster. Building a city on coastal areas would reduce the time to research Sailing. This would then improve the naval power and you can also build a Galley. The time to research Shipbuilding would then be reduced upon building two Galleys. These time reductions are called Inspirations in the Civics Tree. The Tech Tree then calls it a Eureka moment.

Using Hex Appeal

The hex appeal promotes the city's growth in "Civilization 6." Players then have to build Neighborhood Districts and acquire +6 Breathtaking Hex Appeal. Getting only a +2 Hex Appel would inherently mean that the Neighborhood District is Disgusting. This then depends largely on the kinds of hexes utilized. Wonders, woods and oceans increase Hex Appeal, while it is decreased by airports, rainforests, and quarries.

Take Advantage of Policy Cards

This is a new feature in "Civilization 6." Policy Cards allow players to form their government according to your needs and game style. Each government type then comes with card slots that players can fill out freely. There are four Policy Card types in "Civilization 6," which include the green one for diplomatic, red for military, yellow for economic, and purple for wild.

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