'Frozen Synapse 2' Release Date, News & Update: Game Suspended From Its Release This Year, Find Out Why

By Samille Jan Abada , Updated Nov 18, 2016 04:54 PM EST

"Frozen Synapse" is a stop-start strategy game released in 2011. It was announced that a new sequel together with its new trailer will be released this year.

Tom Francis shared his review about "Frozen Synapse". He said that players could imagine the next five seconds of their lives being simulated. They will have the chance to see the consequences of their actions that they need to plan well beforehand according to PC Gamer.

The "Frozen Synapse 2" will feature new units of weapons. The multipayer mode has one turn that shows a snippet.

It is a match that compromises on returns. The great thing the game can offer is that once the player is done on his turn, he can still watch how other players battled against each other.

The initial expected time of arrival of "Frozen Synapse 2" will be on late 2016. However, it is rescheduled to be released next year but there is no specific date yet about its availability.

The players should remark their calendar as the "Frozen Synapse 2" is confirmed not to be launched this year. A more improved game will be expected by the gamers as there will be more grenades and flamethrowers that will certainly look lovely according to Rock Papers Shotgun.

New weaponry will change the old one that has been featured in "Frozen Synapse" in 2011. In a close quarter's tactical combat, controlling a space is significant.

The players must make sure that the exits are covered but no one should enter their premises. The best man is needed to be placed in the pool table for him to command a cue.

It is more efficient if players will let new weapons control the spaces within "Frozen Synapse 2" cities. In order to capture the building, skill and caution are required. At the same time, sufficient tactical tools should be used.

Mode 7 disclosed that "Frozen Synapse 2" would not be available this year. The fans should wait a little longer for its new trailer and release date.

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