‘Pokemon Go’ December Update Release Date, News & Updates: Tyranitar Confirmed Arriving Next Month; Expansion Inclusion Gen 2, Legendary Birds, Pokemon Babies?

By Tim Armstrong , Updated Nov 18, 2016 08:35 AM EST

"Pokemon Go" December update is definitely highly anticipated by the millions of players all over the world as rumors are circulating that game developer and publisher Niantic will include some of the most exciting features of the game. Despite the recent report that "Pokemon Go" had lost several players, the game has continued to be one of the most played mobile game titles in the world today.

According to the latest report, the new "Pokemon Go" December update will coincide with its much-awaited Christmas event next month. In a report by BGR, the new "Pokemon Go" December update might feature the Gen 2 Pokemon and the Player Versus Player or PvP battle system. Not only that, the upcoming update is also expected to include a new trading system along with the Baby Pokemon Feature.

As of the moment, the company has yet to provide the official details of the development and roll out date of the said "Pokemon Go" update. However, several fans and critics have already predicted it to be somewhat similar to the Nintendo version of the "Pokemon Go" game.

Previous reports suggested that Niantic is already preparing to add 100 new creatures to "Pokemon Go" and despite the continued silence from the game developer, industry observers believe that it is already coded in the game. According to the report, the Gen 2 Pokemon rumor started when data miners discovered the names of Gen 2 Pokemon in the current "Pokemon Go" update. Apparently, it has already been coded waiting for activation from the game developer.

Meanwhile, rumors are also circulating suggesting that Tyranitar might come out during the "Pokemon Go" December update. The legendary Pokemon belongs to the God Tier, which can possess a 3645 maximum Combat Power.

"Pokemon Go" December update has certainly become a subject of numerous rumors and speculations all over the Internet; however, fans must take these reports with a grain of salt until the company decides to make an official statement. Stay tuned for more news about "Pokemon Go" December update.

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