Wolverine Coming To Deadpool Game

By Mike Andronico , Updated May 29, 2013 02:31 PM EDT

Activision has been having quite a bit of fun with marketing the new Deadpool game slated for shelves next month, from press releases written by Deadpool himself to various character reveal posters. With the game only a few weeks away now, the publisher saved their biggest surprise for last.

Iconic X-Men leader Wolverine will guest star in Deadpool, as revealed on Hero HQ today. While the inclusion of Logan makes perfect sense considering his long-twisted history with Wade Wilson, he's certainly the highest-profile guest character revealed thus far. 

"Seriously, you're reading this to learn more about Wolverine? I mean, Short and Stabby is only in, like... EVERY FREAKING MARVEL ANYTHING EVER!" says Deadpool himself for Wolverine's character

Wolverine isn't the only famous X-Man joining Deadpool in his fight against...whoever he'll be fighting against in this game. His eternal rival/partner Cable was one of the first revealed characters for the title, and the inclusion of Mister Sinister and Psylocke was announced about a month ago. Deadpool has fought both with and against some of the X-Men's most famous heroes since his inception, so its only natural that the supporting cast of his first stand-alone game is full of powerful mutants.  

Wolverine and Deadpool have a busy month ahead of them in the world of gaming, as the two will not only star in Deadpool but will be featured in Gazillion Entertainment's widely anticipated Marvel Heroes MMO. 

For those interested in cutting up legions of bad guys (or good guys? we don't know) in Deadpool, the game will officially hit shelves on June 28th. Gameplay footage is still scarce, but Pixel Enemy seems to be having a good time with the title. Will you be joining the Merc' with a Mouth in his first video game outing?

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