'Super Mario Run' Release Date, News & Update: Available On December 15 In Apple Devices; Android Version Coming Soon?

By Jason Glenn , Updated Nov 18, 2016 07:14 AM EST

Nintendo has announced last Wednesday that their latest mobile game, "Super Mario Run" will be available in all Apple's iOS devices on December 15 that would cost $9.99. However it will be free to play in a limited period of time.

"Super Mario Run" will be the first mobile app that Nintendo has developed. They have previously said that they don't want to enter the smartphone trend and prefers to stick to traditional console gaming.

The "Super Mario Run" will be side-scrolling, auto-runner plat former game according to Game Spot. The Italian Plumber will be controlled by the player where he automatically runs from left to right and to make Mario jump the players must tap the screen or long pressing the screen make him jump even higher.

The player must manipulate Mario over the holes, jump into their enemies that turns into coins where players need to collect them. The coins can be used to buy items for customizing their own "Mushroom Kingdom". The goal of "Super Mario Run" at the end is to get Mario through each level as fast as the players can.

Aside from "Mushroom Kingdom", another side game is also available in the "Super Mario Run" where the players can play them separately. The "Toad Rally" game is when the players go against their "ghost versions" as they play through levels similar to the time attack modes which can be seen in most of the "Mario Kart" games.

The "Super Mario Run" will not be exclusive to Apple iOS devices, but it will also be available soon in Android devices. Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima said that the game will also soon work on Android mobile phones soon however there are still no details or announcements on when the game will be released for Android users.

Since the success of "Pokemon Go", Kimishima was driven to develop one of their most iconic characters, Mario to the mobile venue. Nintendo are planning to distribute "Super Mario Run" as fast as "Pokemon Go" on our mobile devices.

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