‘The Sims 4’ City Living DLC Latest News, Release Date & Update: San Myshuno Sculptures Revealed; Rabbit Hole & Diet Bug Discussed

By Ritwik Roy , Updated Nov 18, 2016 11:05 AM EST

According to recent reports, "The Sims 4 City Living" players need to be extra cautious about the six sculptures around the park for hidden San Myshuno achievements. There is no need to use codes for the San Myshuno achievements. Players can achieve this with ease. The San Myshuno hidden achievement is known as View All Myshuno Meadows Sculptures.

"The Sims 4 City Living" players may find two sculptures near the wedding venue in the park and the rest scattered over various areas such as the park, food stalls, the picnic area or the garden. Players need to amass a total of 150 achievement points, writes NEUROGADGET.

"The Sims 4 City Living" players are always on a lookout for goodies and cheats. Sims Online is one place where gamers get them easily. The cheats and codes make it easier for the players to enjoy the game.

However, there is a negative side to "The Sims 4 City Living" as players do not get much from the game in the form of freebies and game boosts. This is primarily because EA wanted the game to be mainly about exploration. Players may wait for Rabbit Holes to have a peek into underground events of "The Sims 4."

Based on these events in "The Sims 4 City Living," players get invites to various parties, concerts, circus and operas. The latest expansion pack allows players to dress as per the occasion. Players don't get to see what's happening out there in the event. The character simply disappears for a while.

The character is teleported back to its place once the event is over. "The Sims 4 City Living" expansion also features Festivals that include Food Stalls. This is where players need to be careful as a Diet Bug will make The Sims eat all the time from the food stalls, sometimes, even when they are not hungry. 

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