Crytek Preparing Major Crysis 3 Announcement, Extra DLC Packs Expected

By Binu Paul , Updated May 30, 2013 09:55 AM EDT

Crytek has teased a couple of images of what is believed to be the incoming Downloadable Content (DLC) packs for Crysis 3. The developer has notified its fans to stay tuned for a special and major reveal on May 30.

"Stay tuned for a special Crysis 3 announcement tomorrow. In the words of Nomad: "We're going back," Crytek says on its Facebook page. The game's Twitter page also carried a similar notification where it asked its fans to stay tuned for a major announcement.

One of the teased images, though quite obscured, shows some sort of tropical locations similar to those explored in the first game. The developer has also posted an image of two high-end guns asking the players to choose between two new weapons. "One of these weapons is very different to the other. Comment on which one you would most like to carry into combat?" the post asks.

Speculation is ripe that the title may receive the multiplayer DLC ever since Xbox 360 achievements were spotted online a couple of weeks back. It was suggested that the pack may include four new maps and the ability to use boat oars as giant polearms.

As noted by MP1st, the lens flare appeared in one of the images - a visual effect that was not present in the first two numbered Crysis games - suggest the images are for a future game release, most likely the DLC for Crysis 3.

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