Xbox One Controllers Will Last Over A Decade: Microsoft

By Binu Paul , Updated May 30, 2013 10:09 AM EDT

The Xbox One controller has been subjected to some rigorous testing that Microsoft claims will make it last ten years or more. Although the device does not carry an entirely new look from its predecessor, the company has apparently conducted extensive research and testing to ensure its longevity.

According to Bob Brown, Accessories and Hardware Manager at Microsoft, the controller should last you around seven to 10 years, if not longer, Pocket-Lint reports. The redesigned controller for the upcoming next-gen Microsoft gaming console due out later this year, has been undergoing testing for the past six months to see how tough it really is and whether it can withstand the daily bashing gamers are likely to give it as they try to complete the ultimate multi-button combos, the report states.

The testing is done through a custom-built rig that can press buttons between four to five times per second. Each button is connected to a computer so the testing team can check that the button press is delivering the right result. In addition, "the thumbstick has also been worked and worked, as well as, a series of drop tests that are filmed in slow motion so Microsoft can see the shock points to make sure the insides aren't damaged," the article explains the testing process.

"Each button gets pressed over and over, between 4-5 times a second," Brown tells Pocket-Lint. The current prototype, which is the final design, can handle over 3 million button presses, which according to Brown is way beyond the 10-year projected lifespan of the new console.

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