Quantum Break Box Art Revealed

By Mike Andronico , Updated May 30, 2013 05:32 PM EDT

While it seems a day doesn't go by with people debating what the Xbox One will and won't do, one thing is certain: The system will play the few currently announced first-party games, which at the moment are only Forza 5 and Quantum Break.

Those anticipating the latter title can consider their appetite's whetted, as Microsoft just revealed the official box art of the Remedy-developed Quantum Break

The game's cover shows off a photo-realistic image of a man holding a gun, with a woman standing in the background with her back to him, not-so-coincidentally showing off her rear-end. Plot details on Quantum Break are still scarce, so we'll have to assume for now that that these two will be among the game's primary protagonists.

Aside from the game's teaser trailer that was first shown during the Xbox Reveal, Microsoft posted a few screenshots on the game's official Facebook page. The only thing these screens reveal is a man, presumably our hero, shooting down a few armed security guards. There's still no information on to how this action connects to the massive exploding boat seen in the trailer, or how all of this will be connected to the television portion of the game. 

"In Quantum Break, our desperate hero fights a highly personal battle to save the future before time literally runs out. As time breaks down, impossible, split second moments of destruction turn into epic stages of time powered action," reads the game's official description.

"The actions you take, and the choices you make, shape your experience as the narrative unfolds. As you play, a personalized 'director's cut' of the show is created just for you, based on the decisions you make during the game."

So far, the "time-powered action" game sounds like a next-gen Max Payne that rewards players with custom-tailored live-action sequences. How would you feel about Quantum Break playing out like this?

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