'Swapdoodle' Latest News & Update: Nindtendo 3DS Released Doodle Sharing App On EShop; Can They Prevent Abusive Users?

By Jason Glenn , Updated Nov 19, 2016 12:47 PM EST

Nintendo's eShop just released their newest version of the 3DS note trading, "Swapdoodle". "Swapdoodle" was just released in North America and Europe today where players can start sharing their doodled messages and they can also purchase different add-ons to make them more appealing.

The "Swapdoodle" will feature the beloved virtual host and unofficial mascot of Nintendo 3DS, Nikki, who helps you create drawings and doodles in the app according to Kotaku. The presence of the Mii character, Nikki in "Swapdoodle" and some of its basic features confirms that it is an upgrade of the previous sharing app on 3DS, "Swapnote" because of its obvious similarities.

However Nintendo released a "free-to-start-title" of "Swapdoodle" which means that Nintendo 3DS players need to purchase more features to be able to fully utilize the app. Features that they need to purchase are drawing tutorials, stationaries and stamps where some familiar Nintendo characters appear. A full version also provides storage space up to 6000 sheets and 45 different colors of pen.

Other main features of "Swapdoodle" includes, trading messages and doodles with Nintendo 3DS friends, doodle lessons from "Splatoon", 'The Legend of Zelda" and even "Super Mario". You can also place some stickers on your MiI characters face and draw 3D doodles with 2 layers.

The previous massaging app of Nintendo 3DS, "Swapnote" was abused by some of its players. Nintendo was forced to shutdown "Swapnote" back in 2013 because of complaints that users were sending offensive content and other graphic materials from the app.

Since then, "Swapnote" has been limited to only to "local wireless" feature according to Polygon. There are still no details on what security measures Nintendo will implement  to "Swapdoodle" in order to prevent these reported abuses from the previous similar app, "Swapnote". For more news about "Swapdoodle", check back here in Gamenguide!

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