'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest News & Update: How To Catch A Shiny Pokemon; A Mythical Pokemon To Be Released In December?

By Jason Glenn , Updated Nov 20, 2016 08:04 AM EST

One of the exciting things in the Pokemon experience is catching the very rare "Shiny Pokemon". It is confirmed that in "Pokemon Sun and Moon", that the Shiny Pokemon will be appearing in the wild.

Techniques to catch the Shiny Pokemon

A "Shiny Pokemon" is a normal-looking Pokemon when it comes to physical appearance and when in Pokemon battles however what makes this special is its alternate color of the Pokemon. Example, instead of the blue-skinned Gyrados, you might encounter one with color red skin in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" especially after the player successfully finishes the game's quest.

WWG reports that "Chaining" is one of the effective techniques to discover and catch these special Pokemon. The "Chaining" technique is also applicable in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" but with one condition the Pokemon has to "cry for help" during battles in order for the second wild Pokemon to appear.

First mythical Pokemon announced

By consecutively excetuting the "cry for help" technique in the same Pokemon battle in "Pokemon Sun and Moon", it will increase the chances of the "Shiny Pokemon" to appear. The "Shiny Pokemon" that will appear might have "superior IVs and Hidden abilities".

In other "Pokemon Sun and Moon" news by WWG, The Pokemon Company has announced that Magearna the very first Mythical Pokemon that will be distributed to the trainers on December 5th in the US.The release of Magearna in the will be the same period where "Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel" will premiere on Disney XD in the US.

Magearna is the Fairy-Steel Pokemon in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" that has a very powerful move called Fleur Canon. Magearna has this Soul Heart ability that raises a Pokemon's special attack whenever an ally faints during the battle.

The company will post a QR code on their website that can unlock Magearna in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon". This marks the first time the company has used QR codes an QR scanners in distributing a Pokemon. Be sure to check back here in GameNGuide for more latest news about "Pokemon Sun and Moon".

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