'Pokemon Go' News and Update: More Ditto's Details Revealed; Watch How To Find Ditto

By Arah TJ , Updated Nov 20, 2016 07:57 PM EST

"Pokemon Go" News and Update: Expect another another update this week. Aside from that, there are more detals about Ditto that was revealed.

In a recent report, "Pokemon Go" downplayed the update in a Facebook post next week. However, a dataminer under the name The Silph Road, revealed some clues in the datafile, referring towards the appearance of Ditto in the game, according to WWG.

According to the Reddit user, the reason why the code has been added is to let "Pokemon Go" players encounter and capture Ditto in the wild. As part of the update, the special sound effects are also added for Ditto.

The user also added the three new sponsors: spatula, thermometer, and knife. The previous sponsors were MCDONALDS, POKEMON_STORE, TOHOSOFTBANK and GLOBE.

There would be a big tease in "Pokemon Go." According to the source, Shiny Pokemon will be added via future update. Data files labelled "shinny" have been found in the game file related to how surfaces in the game appear.

The aforementioned sponsors have been speculated could be related to Thanksgiving event. However, there is no details that suggest what event would entail.

How to find Ditto

Ditto is the non-legendary pokemon. So far, no one has reported captured this pokemon.

There are two possible theories, according to FsuAtlDitto is disguised as a bulbasaur.

In the episode "Ditto's Mysterious Mansion," Ditto disguised as Pickachu. So maybe it disguised as pickachu.

So since this pokemon can imitate other pokemons, it is advisable to turn on augmented reality mode while catching a pokemon (for example a Bulbasaur). Aside from PokeBall, UltraBall, and Great Ball, it would be great if you use "Pester Ball" to ensure the pokemon won't escape.

As a matter of fact, there is a man who got Ditto. He actually got it not during encounter, but he got it from a one kilometer egg.

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