PlayStation VR Latest News & Update: Time Magazine Named PSVR Best Invention of 2016, Thanks to its Low Cost

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Nov 21, 2016 09:35 AM EST

PlayStation VR made it into the Time Magazine list of best inventions for 2016 with flying colors, residing into the affordable category. Sony's VR headset made it due to relatively competitive price compared to others.

Time Magazine citation reads that people have to shell out a thousand dollars for top of the line virtual reality headsets but PlayStation VR costs 60 percent less. Ironically, other VR headsets like cutting edge HTC vive plays around $800 so PSVR has indeed made this technology accessible for budget-conscious market. It is noteworthy that apart from the headset, VR gamers or enthusiasts will spend more on computers that are powerful enough to handle this gear.

On the contrary, Time Magazine added that PlayStation VR works in perfect harmony with another device from Sony - the PlayStation 4. This means that millions have access on virtual reality, given the number of gamers who own the console. Much more, there is even a possibility to use PlayStation VR with other non-Sony devices under certain conditions. For more information about this setup, GameNGuide have previous reference here.

In related context, gamers in particular have to consider things before jumping into PlayStation VR at the moment. The argument is especially true if the purpose of this device - which is pricier than PlayStation 4 itself, is gaming. There are few titles currently that can really excite the gaming world. Yes, there are fun titles out there but they are still limited compared to vast array of straight-to-monitor games.

Remember that sky-high expectation in "No Man's Sky" that comes with PlayStation VR on launch? Gamers have suffered heartbreaks after all the hyping that led into thinking that the defining moment for gaming in general have come. So, virtual reality gaming has tons of potential to be the future, but we can honestly conclude that the time hasn't come yet.

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