DC Comics' 'Forever Evil' storyline set to launch during 'Villains Month'

By Mike Andronico , Updated Jun 04, 2013 03:52 PM EDT

While the month of June undeniably belongs to the Man of Steel, the more malevolent characters of the DC universe will get a chance to shine later this year. 

For those who love to live the adventures of the bad, DC will be dubbing September "Villain Month," which will dedicate various books to the men and women responsible for beating up the likes of Superman and Batman. 

As revealed by some covers shown off on Newsarama, some of DC's most iconic villains will quite literally be taking over some of the New 52's biggest books. The menacing Darkseid will be jumping into the pages of Justice League, Bizzaro will be conquering Superman, and the everlasting Two-Face will scribble his way over the pages of Batman.

While fans will certainly delight in seeing their favorite villans taking over a variety of DC books, the event is more than just a small offering of fan service. These special editions of Batman, Superman, and more will all culminate in the new "Forever Evil" storyline, which will be DC's first multi-book crossover event since the "New 52" imprint got started a few years ago.

With a story from Geoff Johns and art from David Finch, Forever Evil #1 will also launch in September as a celebration of all things villanous. The seven-issue series will focus on the classic bad guys from all over the world of DC comics, and will bring back several characters that haven't been seen since the pre-New 52 days.

"We're really exploring what darkness means and the different kinds of darkness that are within these villains," Johns told USA Today.

"Forever Evil" will be rooted in the outcome of the current "Trinity War" storyline, which is set to shake up the Justice League as readers know it. Fans of Clark Kent's bald-headed nemesis Lex Luthor and Batman's enemy/love interest Catwoman will be happy to know that both play a key role in the pages of the limited series.

While Superman will likely be the talk of the entertainment world for most of summer thanks to Man of Steel and the new Superman Unchained comic series, fans of the type of characters that live to pummel Clark have a great deal to look forward to come September. Which DC villain are you looking forward to seeing in the spotlight?

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