Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Latest News & Update: US Consumers Still Trust Samsung Despite Recall; Cheaper Units Coming In 2017?

By Arianne Gift , Updated Nov 21, 2016 09:12 AM EST

The recent flak received by the Korean tech behemoth apparently is a minor bump in the road, that is, according to an opinion poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos. Released on Sunday, the poll shows the willingness of US consumers to purchase their smartphones from the company despite the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 issue.

The survey stipulates that current Samsung fans remain loyal to the company, the same way Apple users do. In addition, those who participated in the survey appear to be well interested with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, whether or not they knew of the incident or the recall. The Reuters/Ipsos survey spans October 26 to November 9.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Consumers Seem Unfazed By The Global Scandal

It is well remembered that Samsung have gotten themselves in a fiasco this year over Samsung Galaxy Note 7's exploding batteries, prompting a global recall. To make matters worse, some users had to return their "fixed phones" due to overheating. In effect, investors commented that the iPhone 7 would have an increase in sales, given Apple is the most probable alternative.

However, the poll proves otherwise. To segregate: among those who did not know of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall, 25 percent showed interest into considering a Samsung smartphone first. Among those aware of the issue, 27 percent would still buy a Samsung unit.

To further establish the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall did not taint the company's name, a staggering 91 percent of current Samsung users would still buy another Smartphone device. Coincidentally, Samsung's stats are quite similar to that of Apple, as 92 percent of current iPhone users are likely to purchase another iPhone unit.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Refurbished Phones To Be Sold Cheaper?

Users of the $2.5M recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units have the option to either have it replaced or have their money refunded. For those still planning to buy the exact model however, newly refurbished Note 7s could be offered lower than $850, Yahoo! Tech reports.

This still doesn't cement the marked-down price tag news, but it certainly is a welcome change for those interested in the Galaxy Note 7. More news of the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be posted soon as the company announces updates.

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