'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest, News & Updates: Here Are Some Effective Tricks And Methods On How To Evolve Your Alonan Pokemon

By Jason Glenn , Updated Nov 21, 2016 07:03 AM EST

In most Pokemon games, in order for you to evolve a Pokemon, you need to keep leveling up until you reach a certain level or you can use special Pokemon stone corresponding to the type of Pokemon that you have. However in "Pokemon Sun and Moon", there is now a very tricky way for you to evolve your Pokemon especially the Alolan ones.

Here are some things you need to do to evolve a certain type of Alolan Pokemon in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" according to Kotaku. An Alonan Raticate evolves from a level 20 Ratata at night while an Alonan Raichu evolves from a Pikachu using a Thunder Stone that can be bought on the Akala Island.

An Alolan Meowth evolves in to a Persian in a different way in "Pokemon Sun and Moon". The Pokemon needs to achieve a maximum level of happiness. A luxury ball, which is used to capture the Alonan Meowth to add little happiness, win battles, give vitamins a Soothe Bell and give it massages in Konikoni, can add happiness to the Pokemon.

The rock type Pokemon, Alonan Graveler, can evolve into a Golem through trading while the Alonona Cubone evolves into a Marowak during the night at level 28. A leaf stone can evolve an Alonan Exeggcute to an Exeggutor when you also buy one on Akala Island in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon".

A Yungoos evolves into Gumshoos at Level 20 during day time in "Pokemon Sun and Moon". A Rockruff will evolve into a Lycanroc at Level 25 but it would depend which Pokemon game you've purchased, "Midday" from for "Pokemon Sun" or "Midnight" form for "Pokemon Moon".

In "Pokemon Sun and Moon:, a player can evolve a Charjabug into Vikavolt when it is leveled up at the same time while located in the Vast Poni Canyon. An Alonan Sandshrew evolves into a Sandslash using an Ice Stone which can be obtained in Ula'Ula Island's Po Town. This also applies to the Alonan Vulpix to evolve into a Ninetales.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" players can find rare stones in the Poke Pelago where you can costumize an island that is called the Isle Aphun. We hope these evolution tricks will come in handy in your "Pokemon Sun and Moon" adventure. Stay tuned here on GameNGuide for more updates.

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