NBA News: James Harden and Houston Rockets Players Support Lebron James’ Stance On Phil Jackson’s “Posse” Comment

By Gaskamachi , Updated Nov 21, 2016 10:18 AM EST

NBA superstar James Harden and his Houston Rockets teammates are in one supporting Cleveland Cavaliers superstar Lebron James' stance against the "posse" comment made by former NBA head coach and now New York Knicks president Phil Jackson.  Lebron James and his business partner Maverick Carter did not appreciate the comments made by Phil Jackson during an interview with Jackie MacMullan last week.   

James Harden said on Sunday, "I'm standing with LeBron James.  His friends or his business partners are not a posse. They work extremely hard for what they have; my friends as well. He stands up for what he believes in, and I'm in the same situation."

"I don't know what he meant, but that word wasn't the right word," James Harden added. "So obviously you have friends who work extremely hard to run their business and be businessmen. That's what they are, they're businessmen."

Like Lebron James, James Harden also has close family and friends that are working in his marketing and business' interests both locally and nationally.  James Harden's group also attends home and away games with one his close friends moving to Houston to help. 

But there are some people who perceive that Phil Jackson's comment was due to "generational gap".  Like newspaper sportswriter, radio host and television reporter Dan Le Batard.  He's willing to give Phil Jackson a pass for his "posse" comment due to his age.  Phil Jackson after all is already 71 years old. 

Houston Rockets guard Eric Gordon, like most NBA players, also has family and friends working for him.  "It can be sensitive," Eric Gordon said. "But everybody knows what Phil Jackson was referring to, him and his crew and this and that.

The only problem I have with it is, you know LeBron is a business guy and you know he's one of the best players in our league, and everybody looks up to him. It's almost, what can you expect? It's definitely not going to look good because he straight up out of nowhere pinpointed him. To me, there was no real positive out of what he was trying to get out of it."  

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