New 'Man of Steel' featurette makes sense of Superman's new costume

By Mike Andronico , Updated Jun 04, 2013 05:16 PM EDT

While there has been no shortage of Man of Steel content to help amplify the excitement for the film's June 14 release, Warner Bros. decided to deliver an extra-large appetizer to fans in the form of a 13-minute online featurette.

Are you looking for more than the explosion-filled trailers and "How Does He Shave" commercials for Man of Steel? This mini-documentary gives Super-fans an closer look at the process of bringing this new take on Superman to the big screen. The video provides plenty of footage of director Zack Snyder in action, and includes some never before seen stills from the set of the film.

If you've been wondering why Snyder's version of Supes is conspicuously devoid of his signature red bottoms, the film's creators explain how the Man of Steel costume came together in its own special way. While Clark Kent's super-briefs are iconic in the eyes of devoted comic readers, Snyder felt that they simply didn't fit his more modern take on Superman's story. With this costume change in effect, the Man of Steel Superman looks very much like his New 52 comic counterpart as opposed to the look that defined the past few decades of the character. The same approach went towards the suits of Superman's father Jor-El and his arch-nemesis Zod, as they appear appropriately science-fiction-inspired while still looking like something that could eventually be real.

Much of the featurette elaborates on scenes and themes previously seen in other Man of Steel teasers, such as Clark's early discovery of his powers when he saves a group of fellow children. Various members of the cast and crew chime in on what "being Superman" means to them, from the Man of Steel himself Henry Cavill to producer Deborah Snyder.

"People are going to see action in this film like they've never seen before," said Deborah during an extended look at the impactful action scenes that Warner Bros. has shown off thus far.

From revealing trailers to coinciding comic books and now this featurette, it seems the folks behind Man of Steel never want you to forget that Superman is just about to soar into theaters. Are you thrilled by this fan service, or are you concerned that too much of this blockbuster film has been shown off already?

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