'Harry Potter Go' Release Date, News & Update: Niantic Confirms To Develop J.K. Rowling Best-Seller Book Into Mobile Game! Will Feature Wizard Battle & Beast Hunting

By Daniel Flores , Updated Nov 21, 2016 08:07 PM EST

"Pokemon Go" has been a mobile game success with its release this year and "Harry Potter" fans also wants Niantic to develop an augmented reality game from them. Recent news states that Niantic is planning to develop "Harry Potter Go" that would feature wizard battles and beast hunting.

Niantic plans to develop 'Harry Potter Go'

According to rumors, Niantic is already in talks with Warner Bros. and "Harry Potter" author herself, J.K. Rowling about the possibility of a partnership with the said collaborators. Niantic also wants to claim the legal rights from Warner Bros. and J.K. Rowling to develop "Harry Potter Go" and hasten the process of developing the augmented reality game.

For now, there are no official reports as to who has the legal rights to develop "Harry Potter Go" in the near future, but Niantic has been rumored to be developing "Harry Potter Go" right now. However, there are reports that states Warner Bros. have partnered with Mediatonic to develop a new location-based mobile app for "Harry Potter" fans.

Meanwhile, previous reports state that there was an online petition for Niantic to develop "Harry Potter Go" for a mobile app. Ashtyn Hannon has collected over 61,000 supporters in the fan's online petition with the fan stating there should be no other reason why "Harry Potter Go" will not be developed by Niantic as it can be a win-win situation for Niantic, Warner Bros. and the fans.

Regardless of who is developing "Harry Potter Go", fans would love the mobile app with features such as wizard battles, beast hunting environment, unlockable items and creatures and a reward system more impressive than "Pokemon Go." For now, "Harry Potter" fans should wait patiently for Niantic to make an official statement regarding "Harry Potter Go."

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