'Battlefield 1' Latest News & Update: Fall Update Released To Address Technical Issues On Game Modes & Availability Of Maps

By Rhianne L. , Updated Nov 22, 2016 06:00 AM EST

The developers of "Battlefield 1" upon reviewing the gamers feedback came upon an update for the game namely, Fall update, which had been released on November 15, 2016. The update would address an issue that have been raised regarding the game modes and the available maps and would address the technicalities issues on the different platforms for the game.

After a month of being online the "Battlefield 1" game balance finds itself a reconstruction about its operations game mode and conquest game mode. In the Operational game modes, balancing the attackers firepower to increase its effectiveness during an operations game mode and reducing the duration of capturing the sectors for an easier Grand Operation Mode was included in the updates as reported by battlefield official site.

An increase in the tickets regained in the grand operations mode and an increase in tickets gained from killing retreating defenders to boost for a consecutive capture of a sector. In an overall view, the "Battlefield 1" fall update gives a boost for teams who are invading a sector and the team who lost a sector to re-claim it.

It also came as a feature for the "Battlefield 1" the Conquest game mode. Given with a certain amount of time both teams would try to capture generally 5 sectors in every conquest map. An additional not two more flags to the layout to prevent a lockdown as easy as before. A reduction of capture area of flags by reducing the houses included in the capture area in the village areas would give the team a greater chance to recapture the village area as said so at PC Gamer. An additional armored cars that is usable by the gamers to flank their target sector when they lost it.

There are more features included in the "Battlefield 1" fall update which gives gamers a more balanced fire power and comebacks during a fall out confrontation.

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