'Super Mario Run' Release Date News & Update: Nintendo Features Endless Running Game For IOS & Android; Graphics Resemble “Super Mario Bros”?

By Rhianne L. , Updated Nov 21, 2016 11:49 PM EST

New adventure is coming up for all the iOs and android phone users as Nintendo finally announced the release of the new game named "Super Mario Run" from the legendary game platform series the 'Super Mario'.

"Super Mario Run" is an adventure of an Italian fictional character named Mario. Super Mario's adventure started at fictional Kingdom called Mushroom. Along with him is his brother name Luigi, which also made it a two player game as well. The main objective of the game is to rescue Princess who has been kidnapped by the character named Bowser. Bowser is the main antagonist of the game, which aims to invade the Mushroom Kingdom, capture Princess Toadstool and of course to defeat Mario.

Meanwhile Mario must survive and complete his adventure by running, hopping unto his enemies, jumping into the platforms, and hitting some of the blocks to collect some money. He must complete the adventure by solving puzzles, collecting items along his way and enjoy some power ups that increase his size for a certain period of time only, which is expected to also exist with the "Super Mario Run" smartphone app.

The agony of waiting will be over, though it's not yet clear how many levels will appear in the game and what new abilities will Mario acquire through-out his whole adventure. It is said that "Super Mario Run" will be released this coming December 15 as reported by Game Spot.

Gamers may start their adventure anytime, anywhere by simply downloading the app which mentioned by CNET to be available at 151 countries and regions.With the success of the first release of Super Mario series, new series of adventures for Mario was developed, new characters were introduced and lots of new features were added to the "Super Mario Run"

With no doubt it became the best-selling video game in history as of September 2015. Holding unto this record, they are optimist that "Super Mario Run" will hit the market big time. Furthermore, the graphics "Super Mario Run" is reported to have resembled the original "Super Mario Bros".

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