Microsoft New Release, Latest News & Update: Defender Hub For Windows 10; Kaspersky Criticizes Microsoft & Calls For Investigation

By LJ Joseph , Updated Nov 22, 2016 05:14 AM EST

Microsoft has released Defender Hub for Windows 10 on Windows Store. Kaspersky immediately criticized the new release and has accused Microsoft of forcing users to switch to Windows 10. Kaspersky is now calling antitrust bodies to conduct an investigation.

Microsoft Update: Defender Hub For Windows 10 Increases Security

According to MSPoweruser, Defender Hub for Windows 10 is Microsoft's new release and latest application. It gives access and control to Windows Defender and allows users to use antimalware protection and protect their device. They can easily check protection status and scan their device.

The Defender Hub for Windows 10 also helps users to discover the benefits of security solutions from Windows Defender. It provides users with articles and posts from Microsoft's Malware Protection Center website and Microsoft blogs. These articles allow users to stay up to date with the latest news about Windows Defender and Windows 10 security. They also inform users about malware, viruses, and latest security trends. Defender Hub for Windows 10 also gives tips to its users on how to improve computer security.

Microsoft Update: Kaspersky Accuses Microsoft Of Harming Competition

According to Softpedia, Kaspersky slammed Microsoft a few days before the official release of Defender Hub for Windows 10. It accused the software giant of aggressively forcing users to replace third-party antivirus solutions with Microsoft's Windows Defender. With this, Kaspersky called for a thorough investigation from antitrust bodies in Europe and Russia.

Software enthusiasts wait for Microsoft's response to Kaspersky's criticism and accusations. However, Microsoft remains completely tight-lipped on the situation. As soon as a formal complaint will be filed, Microsoft will collaborate with authorities around the world.

Microsoft Update: Download Windows Defender Hub At Windows Store

Defender Hub for Windows 10 can now be downloaded from the Windows Store and used exclusively on desktop computers. It is given with a free license. There is also no need to buy and subscribe.

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