Twitch partners with ReedPOP to stream Comic-Con, PAX and more

By Mike Andronico , Updated Jun 06, 2013 12:40 PM EDT

Between streams of major eSports events to live showcases of new and popular video games, live streaming site Twitch has been taking over the Internet one game broadcaster at a time. And whole the streaming service is known for showing everything from Street Fighter tournaments to basement practice sessions for Starcraft, expect the platform to broadcast some of this year's biggest pop culture events.

According to a press release, Twitch has teamed up with large scale event production company ReedPOP and secured an exclusive streaming partnership. What does this mean to gamers? Twitch will now be the primary broadcaster for a bevy of high profile events, from New York Comic Con to Seattle's PAX Prime.

"With our new partnership with ReedPOP, the ability to enjoy compelling convention content from the comfort of home is now a reality," said Twitch CEO Emmett Shear in the release.

While this new partnership will bring the folks behind Twitch to an all new audience, the broadcasting company is certainly no stranger to major events. The company always has booths at major trade shows like PAX and E3, and a wide assortment of major developers and tournament hosts use Twitch as a means to get their content out to the masses.

In their two years of existence, Twitch has managed to bring 35 million users together, who visit the site daily to watch their favorite gamers and talk to friends. ReedPOP is a major player in the production of large-scale events, having worked on everything from Star Wars Celebration to the UFC Fan Expo. 

This new partnership will not only establish Twitch as a mainstream broadcaster, but will surely delight millions of fans who can't make it to major comic conventions and gaming trade shows. While the site has become the de-facto place to watch popular games being played by a variety of personalities, it's turning into a full-on entertainment destination with the rights to stream big conventions. Twitch is putting the realm of geeky pop culture at the worlds fingertips, just as ESPN does for sports.

Are you excited to watch this year's major conventions via Twitch?

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