'League of Legends' News & Update: Champion Camille Finally Revealed, Release, Skills, Passive, Gameplay & More!

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 22, 2016 01:13 AM EST

Riot games revealed another of their creations, Camille. In "League of Legends", her moves are mainly assassin type and she is released now together with the patch 6.23, with other skins from previous champions and reworks. Season 7 is slowly getting nearer and players are almost there, since the Season 7 will begin next year. Camille, The Steel Shadow, works her way in with moves and shielding skills such as her passive, which is Adaptive Defenses - a defense that depends on each enemy champion. The new "League of Legends" character's passive skills are remarkable in chasing slippery enemies and hunting them down.

Camille's skills and gorgeous strut in "League of Legends"

Not only is Camille capable of defending herself in "League of Legends", but she has offensive abilities as well to damage those who attack her. In addition, her skills are both good for offense and escaping. First, her "Q" skill is Precision Protocol, which makes her attacks the enemy and charges right after. Once the charge is complete, another attack is made to deal extra damage. Second, Camille has "W" skill, which is a Tactical Sweep that makes her attack in a cone form, damaging enemies in it and slowing them down. Third, her "E" skill is Hook Shot on the first cast, which makes her grapple a nearby structure or wall, then her second cast is Wall Dive, which makes her jump, damage and stun the targeted enemy.

Hextech magic and attack in one

Lastly, her signature move that was featured in the "League of Legends" website, along with her story, is the "R" skill that is called Hextech Ultimatum. This skill grants her shield and damages enemy in a huge area, since this is an area of effect damage. While gaining her shield, the enemy cannot escape once inside the area damage. Her adaptable ability can turn the game upside down when the team is losing. Moreover, she may have swords for her legs, but she is also a force not to be underestimated because she can pack a lot of damage. For more "League of Legends" update, stay tuned here in Gamenguide for more!

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