Hideo Kojima Finally Receives the Award that Konami Blocked Him from Last Year

By Allan O , Updated Nov 22, 2016 06:00 AM EST

The Game Awards 2016 has decided to announce the winner of “Industry Icon Award” early this year and it’s none other than Metal Gear’s Hideo Kojima. This time, Konami will not be able to block him from receiving the award. In 2015, Konami did not allow Kojima to attend the prestigious award ceremony as he was still under contract with the company.

Eventually, Kojima decided to leave Konami completely and is invited again to attend the award ceremony. But this time, he’s not just an honorable guest but the recipient of one of the best award given in the night. As of today, Kojima’s image is used as the Game Awards announce the date of their ceremony on December 1.

Hideo Kojima has been in the gaming industry since 1987. He was a part of every project that includes Metal Gear and in every franchise the game ever had. He was the game’s producer since 1998 and was also the writer and director of the game’s main-series. Moreover, he also had great contribution for Policenauts games, Snatcher, Zone of the Enders and the Boktai franchise.

The Game Awards is one of the biggest event for the gaming industry. It is filled with celebrity cameos, game announcements of the much-awaited games of the year, and of course the awarding of the “Industry Icon Award” and is for the first time has been announced early.

Coincidentally, this can also be good exposure and advertising for Kojima’s upcoming “Death Stranding”. The game has no release date yet and is likely to take a while before it does. But gamers are hoping that Kojima would probably give a teaser of the game when he receives his award on December 1.

Before Kojima, the Game Awards have awarded the Icon Award to Roberta and Ken Williams for King’s Quest, and Brett Sperry and Louis Castle for Command and Conquer.

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