Thor takes the spotlight in new LEGO Marvel Super Heroes screens

By Mike Andronico , Updated Jun 08, 2013 01:32 PM EDT

Ever since the original LEGO Star Wars, developer TT Games has done an excellent job turning everything from Middle-Earth (LEGO Lord of the Rings) to the streets of Gotham (LEGO Batman 2) into an interactive playground for fans of all ages. Needless to say, the announcement of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes stirred up quite a bit of excitement amongst both comic-book and LEGO fans, as gamers will finally get to play blocky versions of everyone from Spider-Man to Deadpool.

Marvel just pumped out some new teaser content for those partial to the God of Thunder, as Thor and his homeworld of Asgard take the spotlight in the newest batch of screenshots released for the game. Anyone who reads the Thor comics or has seen the film knows just how vast and detailed the realm of Asgard is, and fans will likely be pleased with how seamless of a transition the location has made to the land of Lego. The massive structures and nebulous skies are all there, complete with the blocky shapes that remind players that this is still a LEGO game.

Aside from Thor, the new screens give players an extra glimpse at Captain America, the Human Torch, and a maskless Wolverine. Iconic Thor villain "The Destroyer" is also present, and the developers have managed to make him look equal parts menacing and adorable. Additional screens outside of Asgard also showcase Iron Man and Mr Fantastic, the latter of whom has retained his strectchy superpowers even as a small plastic toy.

If the look of Asgard is any indication, Marvel and LEGO fans are in for a real treat when it comes to environments. From the Savage Land to the streets of New York City, TT Games has a wealth of geography to pull from for the upcoming action game, so expect to see plenty more famous Marvel locations pop up in LEGO form over the next few months.

Ready to embrace your inner building block? LEGO Marvel Super Heroes launches this fall for Xbox 360, Playstation 3/Vita, Wii U, PC, and Nintendo 3DS/DS. Which of the currently revealed characters are you most excited to play?

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