Battlefield 1 News And Updates: Latest Patch Issues

By zekiah , Updated Nov 22, 2016 11:02 AM EST

Since it's first game of the series, Battlefield has given players an experience of how large scale wars play out. The series is known for a multiplayer first person shooter that features large maps hosting a large number of players playing simultaneously, participating in in a simulated war.

The series complete with a large arsenal of guns with vehicular battles including tanks airplanes and ships, is a popular series for gamers with the series, releasing a new game every few years. But until recently, Battlefield shifted its focus on modern military battles and sometimes dabbling in what the future of military combat.

With its latest game in the series, Battlefield 1, the series has shifted back to its root, focusing on military battles during the first world war. The game now includes historically accurate weapons from that era to provide gamers an authentic experience of significant period in our history.

Battlefield 1 is a huge success for DICE, developer of the game. In fact, according to a recent NPD Report for October 2016, Battlefield 1 is the best selling game for that month. It also helped contribute to a 36 percent year on year rise in software sales. But all is not smooth for DICE as reports suggest that the recent update for Battlefield 1 has issues regarding the Battlefield 1's graphics and performance.

With the latest patch causing issues on Battlefield 1, gamers have posted on the Battlefield forum detailing the problems they've experienced. According to the users, they noticed differences and a decrease in Battlefield 1's visual quality on the the PC version of the game once the latest patch is installed. Other things they noticed were a lack of tessellation, missing foliage, anisotropic filtering/textures, and just degraded texture quality, among other things.

These problems are not limited on the PC however as Playstation 4 users are also reporting similar issues. According to them, there both Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro versions show a decline in visuals when the patch was applied.

Fortunately, DICE is already looking to these issues. In a twitter post, DICE's Nils Hallberg said that the issues were unintended and that DICE are currently investigating the cause of the problems. Hopefully, the developers can find a solution as Battlefield 1 is a great game as evident by its high review scores. In the meantime, this should not stop gamers from playing Battlefield 1 as the game is still fun despite these issues.

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