'Final Fantasy XV' Release Date, Spoilers, Latest News & Update: Leaked Videos Sold By Game Outlets? Square Enix Warns FFXV Players [Details]

By LA Zamora , Updated Nov 23, 2016 07:18 AM EST

"Final Fantasy" fans are excitedly awaiting the arrival of "Final Fantasy XV" and an allegedly leaked trailer has sent everyone in a frenzy. The "Final Fantasy XV" release date is slated on November 29, 2016 so the alleged leaked trailer seems to be in perfect timing.

'Final Fantasy XV' Latest News & Update

"Final Fantasy XV" is Square Enix's latest offering for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players. The arrival of "Final Fantasy XV" is considered to be a big deal because it has almost been ten years since a major "Final Fantasy" update has been released.

With almost a decade spent in developing and creating "Final Fantasy XV," fans are obviously expecting a lot from Square Enix. However, based on the "Final Fantasy XV" leaked trailer, it appears that Square Enix left no room for disappointment.

The interplay of story, characters and impressive graphics makes "Final Fantasy XV" interesting not only for "Final Fantasy" fans but for newbies as well.

'Final Fantasy XV' Mini Game: 'Justice Monsters Five'

"Final Fantasy XV" has reportedly a game within the game itself - "Justice Monsters Five." Aside from the monster hunts and the side quests, "Final Fantasy XV" reportedly has a mini-game called "Justice Monsters Five."

From the looks of it, "Justice Monsters Five" appears to be a mini-game that has similar features and mechanics with the classic pinball. Of course, this mini-game is only crafted to entertain the players and has little or no bearing to the overall game.

'Final Fantasy XV' Spoilers Being Sold?

There are reports saying that several game outlets are allegedly selling "Final Fantasy XV" spoilers to eager players. Paying for "Final Fantasy XV" spoilers are quite illogical considering that the game will be released in less than a week but it seems like some FFXV fans just can't seem to wait.

According to the director and head of "Final Fantasy XV," they are aware of the leaked spoilers and are trying their best to contain the situation. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more "Final Fantasy XV" news and updates! 


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