'Dishonored 2' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Best Tactics & Strategies in Playing? Upgrading Abilities Early, Getting Runes from Black Market! Gameplay Details

By Kaye Reese , Updated Nov 22, 2016 11:15 AM EST

Thanks to its stellar storytelling, action-packed journeys and gripping gameplay, everyone is going crazy about how to defeat the "Dishonored 2" game. The quest to reclaim the Empire of the Isles has proven to be a daunting task for those who have already gotten their hands on the game, but luckily, there's no shortage of tips and tricks to survive "Dishonored 2," as well as secrets and hacks on how to win the game.

Given all that, how can players better take advantage of the game? Here's the roundup of everything you need to know about playing "Dishonored 2": tips and tricks, secrets, cheats, hacks and more.

To stealth or no stealth

"Dishonored 2" players have been debating the wisdom of low chaos versus high chaos. They're pretty self-explanatory: low chaos means players only kill when necessary, hiding bodies to avoid conflict, and other pacifist moves to avoid conflict; while high chaos means constant violence and high casualties, according to iDigital Times.

Both ways are valid ways to play "Dishonored 2," although of course keeping undetected and avoiding any sort of battle would be more challenging. According to Neurogadget, a player had managed to play without being detected, although it took about 32 hours of gameplay trying to elude detection, going for high safe places and taking note of guard paths.

Using Runes

Abilities are also important in "Dishonored 2." Remember however that abilities are attached to Runes, so players need to collect those from the onset. It's harder to remain incognito without Abilities, and they also make the Ghost and Merciful tactic more doable. Some abilities are better acquired and upgraded early, as well, like Corvo's Possession ability and Dark Vision.

Black Market

Another secret in "Dishonored 2" is using black markets as a key gameplay tool. The key is to listen first to shopkeepers as they sometimes have missions or secrets to impart. All stores also have a rune for sale, so players would want to buy them first before robbing them or taking the side mission first, according to Dead Beats Panel.

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