iPhone Video Prank Latest News & Update: Viral Prank Video Can Destroy Your Smartphone When You Play

By Gloven Ramos , Updated Nov 23, 2016 03:39 AM EST

There is a mysterious viral iPhone video "prank" circulating online. When the video is played in an iOS device, it causes the device to slow down until it crashes. The video was discovered by EverythingApplePro, a Youtuber. The video is a three-second .mp4 clip of someone standing by a bed with the words "Honey" written across the screen.

After playing the clip or the iPhone video prank, the phone remains usable for a few minutes before growing more sluggish and eventually freezing, crashing and shutting down. The bug affects the operating system versions as far back as iOS 5, devices from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 7.

The effects caused by the iPhone video prank to the devices is not permanent. However, it will require a soft reset or forced reboot to recover the functionality of the phone. No clear and accurate explanation have been released as to why the video has this effect on iOS devices and some smartphone devices, but it is possible that the video is corrupted or infected with a malicious bug that takes advantage of a flaw in iOS.

Apple has still no comment on the iPhone video prank. According to Mirror UK, the prank is reminiscent of last year's "Effective Power" text message bug, which allows pranksters to crash their friends' phones by sending them a corrupted text message.

Similar to iPhone video prank, a link to a website, "crashsafari.com", can overwhelm the device's memory and caused it to crash when opened in a Safari browser. It is a wise idea to think twice before opening any suspicious or unsolicited links to avoid crashing gadgets

The Gurdian reported that this latest iPhone video prank doesn't seem to have any long-term effect on your devices. If ever you do fall for it, just press down on the power button to reboot your phone.

Many jokes like this iPhone video prank had happened before, even before the smartphones era. Website links, text messages, and anything that can be accessed with any device has been used to prank lots of users.

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