Battlefield 4: Probable gameplay details leaked before E3

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Jun 10, 2013 11:42 AM EDT

EA DICE’s upcoming first person shooter title Battlefield 4 has looked amazing from the first “Fishing in Baku” gameplay trailer for the title. And while we are just days from getting the rest of the picture, a new online leak has already given us a bit of that picture as to what the game has to offer.

There is a brand new set of leaked images (total 58 images) from the game that have been posted on Imgur with each carrying a watermark reading "Mystogan" and an in-game watermark reading "ALPHA TRIAL" in the upper left corner.

As far as these images show, it seems like the setting for Battlefield 4 will be much more urbanized, compared to its predecessors. And this can be deducted from the images that show elevators that the player can make use of to reach top of buildings.

Moreover, the conquest mode is also set to make a comeback with an image showcasing a map in Shanghai called “Siege” with water access, and although the sizes of the maps seem small, that factor will be made right by the huge in-game skyscrapers.

The images, which mostly show the multiplayer aspect of the game, further show in-game action and several interface screenshots revealing the available customization options. There’s a screen that displays squad selection with four more players apart from the player himself. And this means that Battlefield 4 will contain five-man squads.

The four game classes point toward Assault, Engineer, Recon and Support, each with their own offense and defense skills, weapon stats and more. The weapons selection includes the likes of knives, primary and secondary gear, two gadget slots with additional slots for specialization and camouflage, and it also looks like players will have an AA at spawn, alongside two armored vehicles and a couple of tanks (by the way, the Abrams makes a return).

There are a number of weapons to choose from ranging from M9 Handgun, CZ-3A1 sub-machine gun and U-100 MK5 Light Machine gun to the likes of QSZ-02 handgun, Type 88 LMG and the QBU-88 sniper rifle.

As revealed, the Buffalo MRAP is one of the new vehicles this time and any time the player jumps into a vehicle, the in-game HUD changes to green. The vehicle gadgets can be operated with the D-Pad, and these include HE (High explosive) shells, burst shells, IRNV optics, Zuni rocket pods, anti-air missiles and more.

Battlefield 4 is currently set for a full reveal at this year’s upcoming E3.

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