Microsoft and 343 premiere Halo 5 at E3 2013

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Jun 10, 2013 08:37 PM EDT

Microsoft opened E3 earlier this afternoon, set to finally show off more of the Xbox One's library, as promised during the console's unveiling. Disappointing no one, Microsoft and 343 showed the second addition to the Reclaimer trilogy, and Halo 4 follow up, Halo 5. As the first Halo was a launch title for the first Xbox console, it seems only fitting that the new Xbox should have its own as well.

Technically, the title that showed during the game's trailer never actually shows a 5, but elements from the trailer show that it very much is what everyone is calling it.

The trailer opens with a cloaked figure slowly making his way through over the dunes of a barren desert, wind kicking up the sand. The figure comes to a stop at a clearing with rocks sprinkled around. Without warning, a tremor sends out a small shockwave, and some of the rocks begin inexplicably floating.

A large valley begins to form as sand falls away, and a giant silver amalgamation begins to rise from the sand. It's unclear as to the origins of this monstrosity, but it looks like a Forerunner design. As the shrouded figure looks on, it holds out a clenched fist, slowly opening it to reveal a set of dog tags, and the chip that once held the A.I. Cortana. This is when the audience knew that the jig was up, and that this was indeed another chapter in the Halo franchise.

The metal monolith reveals itself to be a bird-like design, slowly unfurling its "wings," and sending out another pulse, knocking the hood away from the cloaked figure, revealing the Spartan helmet of Master Chief. Cut to a title shot that simply reads "Halo," followed by "2014," and "your journey begins on Xbox One." 

No information was formally given, but this looks to mean that Halo 5 is an Xbox One exclusive, and will hit some time next year. We'll keep you posted as plot elements, release date, cost, and any and all other information becomes available. Check out the trailer below.

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