'Pokemon Go' News & Updates: Some Creatures' Powers Have Changed In The Latest Update; Ditto Arrives!

By Arah TJ , Updated Nov 23, 2016 09:37 AM EST

"Pokemon Go" news and updates may bring joy to players as some of the its creatures' powers have been increased and its developer Niantic is giving out twice the amount of XP. Aside from that, Ditto has arrived and it disguising as other pokemons.

On Nov. 23, Wednesday, the developer Niantic has been reported giving out twice the amount of XP and Stardust throughout player's adventures, Gamespot reports. The developer is doing this in part to thank its fans for their support of "Pokemon Go."

"Pokemon Go" developer Niantic has released another update on Monday, Nov. 21. This update changes the combat power (CP) of the creatures.

In Niantic's blog post, it is revealed that Gengar, Rhydon and Alakazam have their CPs increased. However, some creatures' CP values have been lowered. As of now, pokemons with lower CP haven't been specified.

"These changes will allow a more balanced and competitive battling and training experience in Gyms. We will continue to adjust the CP going forward to improve the game balance when necessary," Niantic wrote.

Meanwhile, in other related and exciting news, another new pokemon has arrived this week. After a few weeks of speculation, Ditto has been confirmed live in "Pokemon Go." This creature might have been caught by some players, Forbes reports.

Many people reported that they have caught Ditto. This new pokemon has reported disguising itself either as a Ratata or a Pidgey. Some reports suggest that if a player catches the aforementioned pokemons, there is a chance that it will show a transformation animation. Then it will turn out that you catch a Ditto, not the original pokemon which appeared.

Some players suggest that if you want to get a Ditto, never pass by a Pidgey, Ratata and other pokemons because there's a chance that it may transform into Ditto. What makes Ditto special is that it can copy the Pokemon of your rival (if you are in the gym battle) and its CP. Stay tuned for more "Pokemon Go" news and updates here in Gamenguide.

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