'Street Fighter 5' Latest News & Update: 'God-Like' Akuma Joining Season 2 Roster; More Fighters Teased?

By Camille Travilla , Updated Nov 23, 2016 07:01 AM EST

Capcom took "Street Fighter 5's" fans by surprise when they announced the release of a new character during the Red Bull Battlegrounds in Seattle. In a teaser video, Capcom revealed the stage of the battleground with a rainy backdrop and a dilapidated temple from afar.

The video shown during the Red Bull tournament featured Akuma executing his signature Shun Goku Satsu move- with his blood red eye lurking in the dark while he throw in strong punches and kicks. It can also be noticed that a Japanese Kanji character is superimposed in Akuma's back completing the fighter's iconic pose. Avid fans may notice that the Kanji symbol is different from the one usually seen. Original inscription meant heaven; but according to reports, it means "God" this time. This difference arose speculations that this will refer to how the character may play in "Street Fighter 5."

"Street Fighter 5's" first wave initially consisted of six fighters. But with the revelation of Akuma into the roster of fighters, the possibility of seeing more than six DLC fighters in the second season have been going around the web.

The initial launch of the game turned out to be rough as a lot of promised game modes were not yet functional upon release. Other features and systems were also inaccessible and needed to be developed. This caused Capcom to rehash and took quite a while to develop and make sure new features of "Street Fighter 5" are stable, including regular maintenance.

Currently, "Street Fighter 5" already stands strong in the world of competitive fighters. Hence, fans saw it as an opportunity for Capcom to develop and reemerge with an unexpected DLC character. This development has fans speculated that we can expect more than 2 characters to be released in Season 2.

Capcom has not yet officially disclosed the release date for Akuma as a "Street Fighter 5" DLC. Although, the character will be playable through PlayStation Experience happening on December 3-4 at Anaheim Convention Center.

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