Battlefield 4 takes a dig at Call of Duty: Ghosts, again - DICE will work only ‘wherever it makes sense’

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Jun 13, 2013 12:18 PM EDT

Everybody loves a healthy competition, and when it’s between two heavyweights of a certain industry, the competition becomes interesting. And then there’s the usual slinging of mud all around, but its all fun and games. Similar is the remark that a DICE employee made about his Infinity Ward counterpart.

According to recent Reddit thread, during a Battlefield 4 live stream discussion session, a producer working on DICE’s next big thing confessed (as a part of a joke): “Sorry guys, we cut fish AI to make way for collapsing skyscrapers and other large-scale destruction. Hope that’s OK.”

If you are not aware of this situation, Infinity Ward, not long ago, during its introduction of Call of Duty: Ghosts at Microsoft’s Xbox Reveal event in May, mentioned that the company’s next generation project alongside Xbox One’s revolutionary new power would allow the company to experiment with new things, and one of these new things included having the fish swim away from the player.

So basically a small demonstration (or Infinity Ward’s version) of what the game engines in the upcoming generation are possible of achieving, graphics, AI and output wise.

If things are offered more light, even the slightest things come into notice, and this was similar with the DICE employee’s comment that definitely had a hint of struggle for power in the industry in it. It is of course needless to say that DICE, with its Battlefield series, is actively competing with Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty franchise.

To round up all the comments that were posted on the Reddit thread for Battlefield 4 and following a fan’s question whether the in-game building facades are prone to collapses or destructible, like they were in the first set of maps for BF3, the DICE employee added the following:

“As I've said before, we have both large-scale and micro-scale destruction, and we'll add it as much as possible and wherever it makes sense. So some facades will be destructible, yes, but it is always partially a design choice whether or not something had destruction. It's all part of designing the maps and making sure they're balanced and have the right flow.”

More food for thought: The last time Infinity Ward was on DICE’s target was with Battlefield: Bad Company 2, where the game’s main characters joked about the preposterousness of snowmobiles and heart-beat sensors.

Snowmobiles and heart-beat sensors were first seen in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

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