‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Guide To Boost Friendship Level Fast And Help Pokemon Evolve! More Gameplay Details Revealed

By Laine Lucas , Updated Nov 23, 2016 08:31 AM EST

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" introduces new and unique monsters for all fans to discover more about. The Pokemon evolution happens when the creature levels up or when a special stone is used. In the newly released game, there's also the friendship level, which can contribute to the Pokemon evolution.

In "Pokemon Sun and Moon," you might want to improve the friendship level your Pokemon has with its trainer. Doing so helps certain Pokemon, like Eevee and Pikachu, to transform into much stronger creatures. It turns out that gaining levels and taking a certain number of steps can help raise the friendship or happiness level of the Pokemon. It also helps if you pamper the creature with berries, massages and even vitamins.

Twinfinite also detailed that a Soothe Bell is a great item to help increase the friendship level in "Pokemon Sun and Moon.' This particular item is located somewhere along Route 3. Players need to find the mountainous area populated by dive-bombing birds and walk past that. After the meadow before reaching the bridge, there should be a small grassy area where a breeder is standing by. Talking to this person will let you get the Soothe Bell.

Another "Pokemon Sun and Moon" tip is shared by Redditor Leafeon111 who swore that the formula used successfully evolved a Pichu. This trick is said to work for Pokemon that evolve based on the level of happiness such as Pichu, Munchlax, Eevee and Riolu. A player needs to find two TM's that they can teach the Pokemon. First is to replace one existing move with one TM then replace the newly-learned TM with the other TM. You have to repeat the move of replacing one TM with another for five to ten minutes, which means you need to collect or buy those TMs. Once done, the Pokemon can now level up.

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