'Pokemon Go' Latest News, Tips, Cheats & Update: Ditto Spotted On The Recent Update! How To Catch Legendary Pokemon

By Daniel Flores , Updated Nov 23, 2016 08:05 AM EST

"Pokemon Go" players have been waiting for the Legendary Pokemon Ditto for months as prior to reports that the said pokemon will be release in December. However, "Pokemon Go" players recently discover that the pokemon is finally here!

Ditto in 'Pokemon Go'

According to the "Pokemon Go" online community, The Silph Road, the signature move for the Legendary Pokemon, Ditto has been discovered in the title. The "Pokemon Go" online community was able to confirm that the Transform ability for Ditto is finally assigned to the creature as of today.

With that said, "Pokemon Go" players should be vigilant in spotting pokemons in the wild when the Legendary Pokemon, Ditto can transform into any creature the pokemon desires, even Dragonite. Not only can Ditto copy any pokemon's appearance in "Pokemon Go", but also pokemon's abilities and skills.

"Pokemon Go" players should consider to use third party apps to successfully find the Legendary Pokemon in the augmented reality game. However, there are no official reports to whether Ditto can also manipulate third party apps' signal and track the said creature.

"Pokemon Go" players have been posting online that the Legendary Pokemon is active in regions like Sweden, Australia, and the U.S. lately. So far, there are no official reports that Ditto is spotted in other countries where "Pokemon Go" is also available.

"Pokemon Go" players that notice Ditto will appear after catching normal type pokemons in the wild such as Zubat, Pidgey, and Rattata. "Pokemon Go" players who posted photos of the pokemon shows that Ditto retains a higher CP rate than normal.

There were previous reports that the Legendary Pokemon, Ditto will be added to "Pokemon Go" in December as a part of the Gen 2 pokemons. However, its arrival in "Pokemon Go" has been earlier than anticipated.

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