'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest News & Update: Here Is How To Fix The Pokemon Center And Battle Tree Glitch

By Jason Glenn , Updated Nov 23, 2016 08:03 AM EST

A glitch has been discovered in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" that can be triggered when players enter inside the Pokemon Centers. The players can encounter the glitch when they save the game within the premises of a Pokemon Center and will make the player's character vanish from the scene when it is reloaded.

The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" player appears to be trapped behind Nurse Joy or a wall which is very impossible to break out. The players will be forced to start from the beginning or they'll have to wait for Nintendo to patch up the glitch.

Polygon reported that the bug can also be activated inside the Battle Tree. The Battle Tree in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is a competitive pre-game that only a few people had finished because of the glitch.

However, Kotaku has discovered how prevent the bug in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" claiming it was PKHex software that is intended for players to catch rare Pokemon and leap around within the game . One of the Nintendo's creators has commented through a cryptic tweet saying that PKHex is the reason why players are experiencing the glitch.

Kaphotics creator of the PKHex confirmed that the glitch that players are encountering in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is because of a bug in his own software that will mess up the player's location. "Saving changes in the latest [PKHex].exe truncated player coordinates," he said to Kotaku while he also confirmed that he fixed the bug last November 18.

Just to make sure, in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" it is recommended that players don't save and shut down inside the Pokemon Center or playing in the Battle Tree until further announcements. Stay tuned here on GameNGuide for more updates on this glitch in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon".

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