E3 2013: Best in Genres

By Ural Garrett , Updated Jun 18, 2013 02:43 PM EDT

Some of gaming's biggest genres were fully represented at this year's E3, as gamers prepare to go leave the current-gen for the new hardware from Sony and Microsoft. Lets take a look into some of the best each genre had to offer at Los Angeles' Convention Center last week. 

Racing: Need For Speed Rivals 

Runner Up: The Crew

Need For Speed Rivals' beauty equates its amazing gameplay. Visually, Need For Speed Rivals was the best looking racer on the showroom floor. The lighting within the racing environments is phenomenal and the vehicle detail was pretty much unparalleled.  The way single player can transition into multiplayer is flat out jaw dropping. Vehicle handling was the best handling non sim available for demonstration. From what was played, Need For Speed has already set the standard for next-gen racing. 

First Person Shooter: Destiny 

Runner Up - Battlefield 4 

Bungie has done it again it seems without even breaking a sweat it seems. Destiny is pretty much Halo morphed into an MMO. Sure, shooters have tried this before in some respects but not to the epic extent of Bungie. The lines have officially been blurred between single and multi-player. Then there's how visually grand Destiny is. Vistas stretch out for miles and the art design is awe-inspiring.

Fighter: Killer Instinct 

Runner Up - Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate 

Turning Killer Instinct into a freemium title was a smart way of introducing the series to a new audience while satisfying those who have been wanting a new entry for more than a decade. Killer Instinct was far from perfect but it made quite an impression thanks to an interesting take on its signature combo system and 90s rock inspired soundtrack. 

Hack & Slash Action: Bayonetta 2 

Runner Up: Killer is Dead 

Wii U is gearing up for its first hard-core action title and possibly one of the best playable on the showroom floor with Bayonetta 2. If the original Bayonetta was full of over the top and ridiculous hack & slash action, Bayonetta 2 takes everything up past eleven. The demo starts on a stealth fighter then leads to a train on the brink of destruction and ends on the side of a building against a screen filling dragon. 

Open World: Watch Dogs 

Runner Up: Saints Row 4

Watch Dog feels like a next-gen game regardless if it's still coming to current gen consoles. The visuals, the potential tablet usage and interesting premise just lends the feeling of setting new precedents once it's released later this year.

RPG: South Park: The Stick of Truth 

Runner Up: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 

Though development has been an uphill climb for Obsidian, South Park: The Stick of Truth may be one of the most originally designed RPGs and flat out hilarious games on display at E3. Instead of slapping the franchise's name on "genre A or B," South Park: The Stick of Truth comes off as an actual episode of the iconic Comedy Central series mainly because of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's amazing writing.

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