Tom Clancy‘s ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ News & Update: Patch for ‘Operation Red Crow’ Arrives; Read Details Here

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 23, 2016 09:54 PM EST

After the successful launching of "Rainbow Six Siege" Operation Red Crow expansion, Ubisoft felt compelled to follow this up with an update. Apparently, like any other DLCs in the gaming world, few enhancements are needed to back up the game. Update 1.5 brings new bug fixes on the expansion; deluding the idea of new features.

The new "Rainbow Six Siege" update 1.5 will not host the previously rumored addition of Bartlett University map. Nevertheless, the new update will bring important changes on the vote-kick system. According to the developer, there has been an abuse on the vote-kick feature; hence its temporary removal from the Ranked.

In a statement from Ubisoft about the temporary cancellation of the feature, it said "While we are still looking at other ways to implement a system that will allow for a more pleasant player experience, we found it necessary to remove this feature in ranked for the short term." Players of the "Rainbow Six Siege" Operation Red Crow must now think twice in using the feature.

In Casual Matches, the vote-kicking feature remains, but with the increase of number of votes to kick out someone. This step will help prevent unnecessary vote kicking on the game. Although the number of votes needed to kick out a player was not detailed, Gamespot said, it will depend on the grouped size and the un-grouped.

For the "Rainbow Six Siege" Operation Red Crow update 1.5, some of the bug fixes included addressed the issue of freezing on Hibana's gadget and Echo's Sonic Burst. Other fixes fell under several categories in the game mainly Player Experience, Level Design, Operators, Game Mode, Gameplay and the most significant one, the vote kicking feature.

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