Gears of War: Judgment’s Lost Relics DLC now official

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Jun 19, 2013 03:14 PM EDT

The Lost Relics DLC for Gears of War: Judgment has been in contention for a while and although we knew that the DLC was fast incoming, we were not really sure as to when. However, all those doubts are now coming to rest with Epic Games finally making the DLC official.

The DLC pack for the game is basically the third downloadable content map pack and includes a new single objective gametype called ‘Breakthrough”, four new maps, new weapon skins and armor. The four new maps are Ward, Checkout, Museum and Lost City.

Checkout’s action is set to take place in the remains of an abandoned superstore. “The shop owners tried to move inventory with a closeout sale in the weeks leading up to the HOD evacuations, but ultimately had to walk away and leave everything to time and history. The intense close-quarters combat of the store aisles makes every decision important,” the official page states. “Weapon selection is key, cover is essential to survival and every move has an impact. When facing your enemy, remember what the sign says: ‘Everything must go’.”

The Lost City, on the other hand, takes place in an ancient city which was once a major archeological site. However, although the city was completely empty, the city’s hydro-powered aqueduct and canal systems were still in working order, proving that the Serans (the ancient inhabitants of the city) had a remarkable knowledge of engineering and architecture. Basically, a perfect set up to chop some locust heads.

The Museum map is located on the bay just outside the city capitol and showcases The Ilima Museum of Natural History, featuring an array of permanent exhibits, special programs, and educational opportunities for visitors of all ages. “With over a million artifacts and specimens in our collection, you can explore the wonders of the natural world at your own pace, or take part in one of our special hands-on workshops. Tickets are on sale now for our latest special showing: The Ages of Seran Military Might. Get up close and personal with ancient swords of mystical power and see some of the first working mechanical weaponry of our storied past.”

Lastly, the Ward is a small part of the area which has survived the Locust onslaught over time. The page states the scenario pretty dramatically: “The battle for Halvo Bay was fought on many fronts simultaneously. While most areas of the city fell quickly, a few sections actually had time to mount a defense and fortify against the incoming Horde. Some were even able to push the Locust forces back and regain some ground before all was lost.

“This Overrun map features one such area where the battle was small but intense, and the dedicated forces of the COG army tried to hold off wave after wave of invading forces with little in the way of reinforcements. They pushed the Locust back several blocks before resistance increased and ultimately they found themselves in a fierce tug of war with little hope of success.”

The Lost Relics DLC has already been released for VIP members. Others can expect to get their hands on DLC the following Tuesday, June 25.

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