'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: If You Think You Haven't Caught Ditto, Think Again! Disguised As Another Pokemon?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 24, 2016 04:45 AM EST

The skill of a trainer is measured on how well he or she knows about a Pokemon and what it does. The update of"Pokemon Go" helped many trainers to regain lost time in their Pokemon battles because it grants numerous bonuses including double experience, which is commencing right now until November 30 as part of a boost in Thanksgiving season.

Other than that, players are still baffled about Ditto and its whereabouts because they seem to not know how to catch it. Known for its Transform skill, it can copy everything in a Pokemon including its skills and abilities.

Ditto might be one of your captured Pokemon

If you have the habit of looking for wild ones in "Pokemon Go" and catching as much as you can, you will surely have a greater chance of catching Ditto because this Pokemon is disguising itself to look like another one instead of the normal pink blob, which we all know of. As mentioned in THIS POST in Forbes from Paul Tassi, Ditto could be hiding as one of the few common Pokemon you see every day such as Pidgey, Magikarp, Spearows, and much more. You will not know it is Ditto if you haven't caught the common Pokemon yet.

You might have multiple Dittos already

It is surely creepy to have Ditto disguising as another Pokemon in "Pokemon Go" because you have no knowledge if it is already that Pokemon you are encountering. Many players by this time are already checking their phones and scouring through Pokemon they caught, hoping to find one in their storage.

Ditto surely is an important Pokemon regardless of its inability to have a powered combat against stronger Pokemon yet, but is an important Pokemon for breeding just like in the Pokemon games before in Nintendo consoles-----and its signature move Transform is a perfect camouflage to defend itself. Check you Pokemon now or think twice when you capture a Pokemon because Ditto might be around the corner.

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