'Total War: Warhammer' Latest News & Update: The Elven Council Heroes Detailed; Players Should be Aware of Levels? More Gameplay Details Revealed

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Nov 24, 2016 09:05 AM EST

"Total War: Warhammer" recently added a new downloadable content update, and as some may have expected, it lands on a new class. To describe further, the said class is one that is no longer new to the lore; namely the Wood Elf.

It can be recalled that "Total War: Warhammer" added a number of astounding classes in the past, all which have quite the offer to the title. Now, the latest introduction shows an intelligent, sophisticated and elite class within the Wood Elves and The Elven Council.

According to a Twitter post, the "Total War: Warhammer" trailer for the Wood Elves ignited the interest of many gamers alike, especially those who tail the franchise. Given that the "Realm of the Wood Elves" update will be available next month, fans are to be given a slight orientation on what and how to use the particular class. One that needs to be known is that there are different ways to go about with the heroes of The Elven Council.

The official post for The Elven Council of "Total War: Warhammer" iterates that players will be able to trek three different positions-Protector of The Oak, Elder Speaker and King in The Wood. The Legendary Lords are Durthu and Orion, wherein Orion holds The King of The Wood more prominently. Protector of The Oak offers changes to Forest Spirit units, as well as making Treemen more accessible to recruit. This, however, only works for the Lord on level 10 and beyond.

Not only does the Protector of The Oak do the aforementioned, but it also decreases the enemy's chances of success along the way. "Total War: Warhammer" players are urged to be aware of the levels that they are in, as it poses beneficial in the long run. Such applies to the level 15 Lord, as it adds aura size, along with the change on unit experience acquired be the army and some trade income boost.

Four more offices are to be unlocked in "Total War: Warhammer" as they construct an apt council building. These are The Wildwood Waystones, The Wild Heath, The Wardancer Feast Halls and Starlight Forge as announced. The forthcoming update is expected to also home more monsters and heroes alike.

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