'Uncharted 4' DLC Release Date, News & Update: No Nathan, Cassie Drake in Naughty Dog Standalone Game? DLC Brings More Character, Weapons

By Kaye Reese , Updated Nov 24, 2016 08:43 AM EST

Universally acknowledged as 2016's best video game of the year, Naughty Dog's "Uncharted 4" had been a runaway success, so it comes as no surprise that people want more out of the franchise. Fans have been clamoring for a co-op mode as well as its single-player DLC, to which the studio has finally delivered the former two days ago. "Uncharted 4: Survival," the new cooperative and solo mode, promises new enemies, more intense progression types and upgradable arsenal.

Even then, the "Uncharted 4" DLC is definitely still on the table, as it's been repeatedly reported that it will arrive during the Playstation X Event this December. But new reports suggest that Nathan Drake, the playable protagonist of the franchise, is sidelined to make way for his brother, Sam Drake. How would that go?

What to expect from 'Uncharted 4' DLC

What's almost certain about the "Uncharted 4" DLC is that it's going to launch this December during the Playstation event, where fans could also get a chance to play the "Uncharted 4: Survival" coop mode. It's been previously speculated that the standalone game would focus more on the Drake brothers as they embark on yet another adventure for treasure.

For those who've played "Uncharted 4," however, the standalone DLC may come as a surprise, as GameRant reported that Sam Drake, his brother, would instead be taking center stage in the game. Previous reports suggesting that Cassie Drake, Nathan and Elena's daughter, will be appearing on the game is also debunked. Nathan Drake would still be making an appearance on the upcoming "Uncharted 4" DLC, but only in a reduced role.

Timeline, storyline for 'Uncharted 4' DLC

The "Uncharted 4" DLC is believed to take place between Nathan's retirement and "Uncharted 4" epilogue where players get to control Cassie herself. It's also expected to be inspired by "The Last of Us" expansion, "Left Behind." Stay tuned for more updates on the "Uncharted 4" DLC.

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