'Final Fantasy XV' Release Date, Gameplay, News & Update: Day One Patch Important! Take Advantage of Noctis' Three Allies Ignis, Gladiolus, Promptus!

By Kaye Reese , Updated Nov 24, 2016 08:53 AM EST

There's simply no understating the fans' enthusiasm and excitement for "Final Fantasy XV," which has been in development for a decade. In fact, there is no curbing the slew of leaks and spoilers have proliferated online in anticipation of the game, that creator Hajime Tabata had to apologize and promise fans that the studio is putting a stopper to unauthorized footage making its way into the audiences.

Of course, there are updates that fans should know about, like the free day one patch called "Crown Update," which adds to the overall gameplay and several scenes taken from Kingsglaive: "Final Fantasy XV." Gadgets reported that the day one patch is absolutely necessary to provide context to the events leading up to the game's opening scenes.

Clunky combat scenes

But among the many things to be expected from the Square Enix game, perhaps fans should also ready themselves with clunky combat scenes in "Final Fantasy XV." According to a report from Cnet, this is especially true because Noctis, the game's protagonist and playable character, has the ability to Warp to other points in the map midbattle.

Players should also brace themselves for the "wait" option in combat, which brings the "Final Fantasy XV" game to a stop when Noctis is not in motion and how long he would have to be that way. That way, players can better take advantage of dealt damage from his allies, Ignis, Prompto and Gladiolus, according to Gadgets.

How to better make use of allies

Meanwhile, one of the things that could use a little more fine-tuning in "Final Fantasy XV" is its AI, particularly with Noctis' three allies: Ignis, Gladiolus and Promptus. What's special about them is that he can team up with the three to perform devastating combos. Each of them, of course, have particular specialties in "Final Fantasy XV": Ignis, for example, deals extra damage, Gladiolus acts like a tank, while Promptus is the damage-dealer and also the first one to die. 

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