'Pokemon GO’ Guide: The New 10 Strongest Pokemon after CP Rebalance Update

By Allan O , Updated Nov 24, 2016 06:32 PM EST

As many may already know, the recent update of “Pokemon GO” rebalanced the CP values of each Pokemon. The rebalance brought major changes in the rankings of the top 10 Pokemon which many didn’t really like. The change was so drastic that a top 30 Pokemon went up to top 10 and a top 7 Pokemon went down to 12. So to help guide players know where their top Pokemon stand in the ranking now, here is a guide of the top 10 Pokemon after the CP adjustment update.

New Top 10 Strongest Pokemon

As of today, Dragonite and Snorlax are still at the top of the list ranking first and second, respectively. Rhydon comes next and followed by Gyarados, who have maintained its ranking. Then Vaporeon, Golem, Flareon and Machamp. At number 8 is Alakazam and number 10 goes to Pinsir.

Pokemon with the Highest CP Value Upgrade in “Pokemon GO”

Ranking at number two, Rhydon had a boost from 2243 to 3300 CP then there is also Golem who was top twelve before and now ranks at number six. Alakazam’s upgrade is also noticeable because it used to rank at number thirty but now is at number nine. Pinsir’s upgrade was also a big one because, from 18th, it went up to 10. Other Pokemon that also had a big boost includes Jolteon and Kingler.

Pokemon with the Highest CP Value Downgrade in “Pokemon GO”

Vaporeon is one of the Pokemon that had a major downgrade with a ranking of 5th place when it used to be on the 3rd. This is followed by Flareon who jumped from 5th to 7th. Muk’s downgrade is also noticeable as from top 7, it now ranks way down at 12. Then there’s Charizard who used to be at number 6 but now ranks 14th.

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