Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome: Edge Found to Protect Users Better Against Malware, Other Threats

By Nens Mitchell , Updated Nov 24, 2016 09:16 PM EST

In a battle between web browser, it was recently revealed that Microsoft Edge is more secure than Google Chrome. Testings were conducted to compare the two in terms of security provided to users and other aspects.

Malware protection

Benchmark tests revealed that Microsoft Edge does better in detecting malware and thwarting possible attacks online than Google Chrome. Though the web browser is not famous among Internet users today, it still proves that it is a more secure option than other browsers available to the public.

In the tests conducted by NSS Labs, Microsoft Edge was able to detect almost all malicious downloads while Chrome only picked up around 85 percent of these threats. Testers claimed that the better security feature can be attributed to the series of technologies that Microsoft developed in the past including the SmartScreen Application Reputation and the URL Filtering.

Phishing sites

Aside from this, Microsoft Edge was also successful in quickly blocking phishing sites. It recorded a faster time than Google Chrome and even Mozilla Firefox.

Even with these results, a lot of users may still not opt for Microsoft Edge because it is only available for Windows 10 devices. Those who own a Mac or have PCs which run on Linux Edge, cannot explore this browser.

Should you try Edge?

But for those who want to try the Microsoft Edge, they can be assured that they are protected from any malware threats when using the browser. They will also be able to detect possible attacks on their software when using Microsoft Edge.

Edge is also for being energy efficient because it allows users to save the battery life of their devices. On the other hand, Chrome is fast and can be used in any platform including Android and iOS. Are you looking forward to trying this browser?

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