Surgeon Simulator teaming with Team Fortress 2?

By Ural Garrett , Updated Jun 22, 2013 12:04 PM EDT

Since its release in early April, Bossa Studio's Surgeon Simulator 2013 has gone to become a cult hit within the indie sector of the industry. 

From the looks of things, Valve enjoys the surgery sim also. 

Bossa Studios announced Friday an update for Surgeon Simulator 2013 that will bring Team Fortress 2 characters the Medic and the Heavy into the surgery room.

The London based developer is making the update free for existing owners of the game or available on Steam for $9.99. 

Surgeon Simulator 2013 was developed in just 48 hours at the 2013 Global Game Jam in January before becoming a top 10 chart ranker during its April release.

According to a Digitally Downloaded interview with Bossa Studios head Henrique Olifiers, the idea of Surgeon Simulator 2013 came from the theme of the Global Game Jam. 

"According to Tom, James, Jack and Luke (the four members of the Bossa team that made the original demo in 48 hours at the Global Game Jam) it was a combination of factors; The theme of the jam was "A Beating Heart"; they quickly came up with the idea of a bumbling surgeon, a heart surgery and a control method inspired by QWOP and Jurassic Park: Trespasser," said Olifiers. "Apparently the rest fell into place pretty fast from that point. The decision to green light the game internally was entirely sealed by the astonishing reaction to the demo from gamers and YouTube communities."

 The game challenges players to complete a heart transplant using a combination of keyboard and mouse inputs while being armed with interesting tools. Amusingly, Surgeon Simulator 2013 is known for hand physics that defy logic at times.

In other news, it was announced this week that the game will support the highly anticipated Oculus Rift and the Razer Hydra. According to the release, the peripheral support will take gameplay "to the next level of mayhem and creating the most immersive operating theatre experience ever." 

Bossa Studios' most recent project is Deep Dungeons of Doom which is an 8-Bit style dungeon crawler. 

Watch the trailer for the Surgeon Simulator and Team Fortress mashup below.

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